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First Twitch, followed by: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and who else is going to join in? This is why I’ve never, ever encouraged building your app based entirely on another company’s invention. Bring back web individuality – Yahoo! Sites, Tripod, Blogspot, your own .COM – You guise need to take major advantage of the web as it is, not how other people want to employ it.

Create your own app, your own website, it’s the web people! You can have your own spot!

I feel really bad for these developers, as I suppose it’s not always a bad thing you create a successful project based on the coat tails of another idea, but this lesson has been taught over and over, and still this happens.

via Slashdot (Source).

Without warning, Instagram has broken many of the unofficial apps built on its platform. This weekend it surprised developers with a massive reduction in how much data they can pull from the Instagram API, shrinking the API limit from 5,000 to 200 calls per user per hour. Apps that help people figure out if their followers follow them back or interact with them, analyze their audiences or find relevant hashtags are now quickly running into their API limits, leading to broken functionality and pissed off users. Two sources confirmed the new limits to TechCrunch, and developers are complaining about the situation on StackOverflow. In a puzzling move, Instagram is refusing to comment on what’s happening while its developer rate limits documentation site 404s. All it would confirm is that Instagram has stopped accepting submissions of new apps, just as Facebook announced it would last week following backlash over Cambridge Analytica. Developers tell me they feel left in the dark and angry that the change wasn’t scheduled or even officially announced, preventing them from rebuilding their apps to require fewer API calls.

Cambridge Analytics data scandal

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