Home-based Windows server, DVR, HD Homerun

An old Dell computer I have is bringing some serious slow down with its 100mb NIC. Not the ideal bandwidth you’re looking for when using it as a DVR and FTP host. It stores footage in great amounts, but lacks the bandwidth to compete with tethered devices. Kodi successfully polls the Windows server via FTP, but while the DVR is running this can prove to be a bottleneck, especially with two tuners running simultaneously.

Current setup: 

  • HD Homerun Prime (for cable)
  • HD Homerun Windows software
  • $35 / year for Homerun’s guide/dvr service
  • Cable TV (M-Card for HD Homerun (rented from cable provider usually))
  • Preferred Channel Line-up
  • Dell Dual Core 2.0 ghz (old) Windows 7 (monitor optional after setup)
  • 200 GB + storage

HD Homerun

The above picture is viewing with the HD Homerun Windows software. Also available on iOS, Android and Xbox One.

Channel detection / line-up

Tuner in use


Tuner 0 Status
Virtual Channel 1163 WUSADT2
Frequency 447.000 MHz
Program Number 443
Authorization subscribed
CCI Protection unrestricted
Modulation Lock qam256
PCR Lock locked
Signal Strength 100% (0.5 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (37.6 dB)
Symbol Quality 100%
Streaming Rate 2.895 Mbps
Resource Lock (blanked)

Tuner not in use


Xbox has a few different ways to view HD Homerun DVR content – The official HD Homerun application for Xbox enables DVR scheduling, whereas most third-party software does not, and oddly enough the HD Homerun Windows software does not. HD Homerun pipes its content directly in MPG to the Windows host, and from there Kodi (on Xbox), Plex, etc may access it. Personally, I have Kodi setup on the Xbox to access the DVR directory on Windows via FTP.

Also, one of the reasons I’m using Windows is due to the fact I haven’t figured this up on my Linux box yet.

What DVR setups do you have? Do you have any at all? Or what is your source of TV?

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